Fieldscapes - Immersive 3D Virtual Reality Field Trips for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Fieldscapes - Immersive 3D and Virtual Reality Learning for Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Educators

Fieldscapes lets educators create and share engaging, effective and informative 3D lessons and experiences for their students. Our easy to use 3D editor lets almost anyone create a 3D or VR immersive learning experience for almost any subject or level - or language, and your students can learn (and revise) in locations that bring real context, engagement and freedom to their learning.

To find out more about Fieldscapes you can visit:
website at www.fieldscapesvr.com
Our Wiki at www.dadenwiki.atlassian.net which has all the information you need to start creating lessons
Our youtube at www.youtubecom/daden Which has video tutorials and exercise walkthroughs on YouTube